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PetDesk Redesign

Centering Pet Parents with a redesign based helping them achieve key goals.

Proposal for Locai, Inc. I am not affiliated with PetDesk.

My Role & Responsibilities

  • Research

  • UX Design

  • Usability Testing

  • Brand and UI Design

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Agency Principal

  • Creative Strategist

Prepared for Locai, Inc.


“PetDesk’s target audience is local vet offices, giving them a way to connect to their customers and provide online ordering through 3rd Party Providers.”

-Locai, Inc. PetDesk Parent Company


Low user engagement due to focus on
Vet Business Partners vs. Pet Parents.


"This would be a great tool to help me take care of my fur babies. It goes way beyond just messaging with my vet."

-Usability Study Participant


Center Pet Parents by adding
interactive features based on their goals.



Increased customer satisfaction and revenue opportunities for both Vet Partners and PetDesk (Locai, Inc.)

Competitive Analysis

PetDesk is already leading the pack. No other app connects independent vets to pet owners the way PetDesk does - presenting a huge opportunity to engage these users. 


Goal Directed UX Redesign Process


User Pain Points

User survey and review analysis revealed the following pain points:

  1. Messaging - Currently only one-way from vet to pet owner.

  2. Calendar - To do list is separate from appointments, hard to find and  share

  3. Pet Records - no way to share with co-caregivers, family, pet sitter, etc.

  4. Supplies - In app Rx and Supplies Auto Refill rarely works.


Key Users & their Goals


Goal:  Communication with vet & other service providers.

“I don’t currently use a Vet app, but would definitely consider it to help me take care of my pups.”

-User Survey Participant 


Goal:  Easily track pets’ schedule.

“The dogs can’t be trusted to let me know they have already had dinner!”

-User Survey Participant 


Goal:  Keeping pet supplies stocked.

“We often struggle to keep Scout’s things in stock, especially meds.”

-User Survey Participant

User Journeys

Existing  user journeys were mapped for each of the top goals. 

New user journeys were proposed for each and used to make wireframe prototypes.

User Journey for Goal 1
User Journey for Goal 2
User Journey for Goal 3

Usability Study

  1. Questionnaire to qualify users.

  2. Remote observational testing of wireframe prototypes for each Task Flow.

  3. Identified flaws in UX patterns and information architecture.

  4. Revise & Retest.

UX Redesign Recommendations

Goal 1:  Communication with vet & other service providers.

“... I don't like getting a message from my vet that I don't have the option of writing them back.”
-PetDesk User Google Play Reviews

  • New “Pack” feature to create groups of pets, providers and caretakers.

  • Group messaging allows instant  communication.

Existing  App



Goal 2: Share pets’ schedule and updates to events with a shared caretaker

“The to do list and appointments are separate. I cannot edit or share the appointments.”
-User Survey Participant

  • Create and share Pack and individual pet calendars.

  • Keep co-caretakers updated.


Existing  App


Goal 3: Set up Rx Auto Refill

“Ordering supplies through the app rarely works for me, particularly Rx refills.”
-User Survey Participant

  • Keep pet supplies in stock through use of Auto Refills.

  • In App communication with vet to authorize Rx refills.

Existing  App



UI Redesign

Calming, welcoming redesign that signals the change in focus.

Heather Blaikie PetDesk Redesign (1)-min.png
Case Study 2 - lighter-min.png
Heather Blaikie PetDesk Redesign (7)-min.png
Heather Blaikie PetDesk Redesign (6)-min.png

Reflection and Results

Upon sharing the redesign with Pet Owners, a majority of users recognized how PetDesk can become a practical tool, giving them more control over the features and increasing communication between care-givers and veterinary professionals. 

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