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Heather Blaikie Product Development & Design Consulting offers comprehensive services, specializing in consumer goods, home decor and fashion accessories.

I build brands with products that solve customer problems and yield bottom-line growth, partnering with manufacturers, sales and marketing professionals.


My years of experience on multi-million dollar brand teams have taught me that well thought out strategy based on data with clear goals is key. 

I help brands understand their users' needs, and apply design thinking principles to product development.


I learned the ropes of branding and merchandising on the Michael Kors Watch and Fossil Global branding teams. I continued my experience working on numerous brands ranging from major private labels to startups.

I excel at setting design language for brands: naming, logo design, messaging, and aesthetic.


With a multi-disciplinary degree in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech, I have 10+ experience designing products ranging from award-winning Swiss watches to price-point driven consumer goods. I provide comprehensive design services including graphic, 3D modeling, concept and product design. 


I have honed my sourcing skills developing thousands of products with hundreds of domestic and manufacturers. I use my experience to help brands identity the right match in manufacturing partners, and prepare design files for an efficient sampling process.
I specialize in digital fabrication, designing for 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling. 


Product, process and people management expertise is what differentiates me from the average creative. I am a big picture thinker, keeping business and personalities in mind when defining and enacting ways to efficiently achieve goals and timelines. 


I regularly offer workshops through community organizations including Women in 3D Printing, and Maker's Faire Week of Learning. I experience teaching at CCA and AAU in San Francisco.

Workshop topics include 3D Modeling & Printing, Designing for Laser Cutting, Applying Design Thinking to your Business Model, and Branding Design.

Contact me to schedule a workshop for your organization.


Building brands with unique products

that solve user problems

and yield bottom-line growth


"I had the pleasure of having Heather work for me as a Design Manager while at Michaels Stores and also as a Freelance Design Consultant in my current role. Heather is a talented designer who can think strategically looking thru the eyes of the end user/client/customer. She creates strategic merchandise solutions designing into necessary price points while maintaining a cohesive trend forward aesthetic.

As a leader/manager of others, Heather inspired her team to be their best. She is smart, brave and has a focused and dependable work ethic. She is patient, kind but also candid and direct when needed. Her team had the benefit of learning from her experience as well as her can do spirit. I am grateful Heather has been and continues to be a part of my team."

LISA-BETH GALVIN / President / Cre8 Direct, Inc.

"As a product designer her work for me was always highly creative and solution driven. She is never afraid to present her own ideas and yet she is willing to listen to others who might have opposing opinions.
Above all else, Heather is talented and very, very, creative. I found her easy to work with, she did quality design, and I would hire her again."

DONALD SHREAD / Director of Product Development and Design / Nielsen Bainbridge Group

"Working with Heather on the logo design for a big project I was launching was honestly enjoyable. Heather's communication and organization through the editing process was extremely helpful, she did an amazing job interpreting my vague concepts into a workable design. I'll be working with her in the future again and have recommended her."

TRISTAN CRANE / Photographer & Author

"Heather has a great understanding of the function of a design studio within a corporate setting and has helped us build a highly-efficient, productive and inspiring team. Her managerial style is open and trusting, allowing designers to fully lead their own projects, giving guidance as needed. She has given me confidence in my own skills through her continued support and encouragement.
Heather is an amazing designer in and outside of the office. She is creative, resourceful and she works hard for our private brands. I greatly enjoy being a part of her team."

APRIL HOPKINS / Designer/ April Hopkins Studio

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